Marketing Showcase

Specialist marketing skills make all the difference in achieving standout in today’s ever expanding media channels and increasingly competitive retail environments.

Dendron has over 20 years' experience of creating famous health and beauty brands and we are committed to providing effective, lasting marketing solutions.

Whilst some of the brands we market are wholly owned by Dendron, others are the product of long-term partnerships based on shared beliefs and goals. This has provided us with a wide cross section of experience.

As specialists in the Healthcare and Toiletry categories our expertise and skill across the whole of the marketing mix, including both consumer and trade marketing, enables each of our brands, however big or small, to receive the focus, attention, knowledge and creativity that ensures success in today’s competitive environment.

The showcase below is just a small selection of the work we have undertaken recently.


Astral Magazine Ads

Astral is supported by PR and social media. The objective is to communicate Astral as a one-pot solution and how effective the formulation is for supremely hydrated skin.

When we launched the new pack in the original 1950's design we communicated with our loyal consumers to reassure them that their much loved formulation had not changed (and that it never will).

Bazuka TV

Bazuka, owned by Diomed Developments Ltd., is a household name and the number one treatment in the UK for veruccas and warts.

The TV ad reinforces Bazuka's credentials while reminding people of the need to treat verrucas and warts to stop them from spreading.

Blistex Magazine Ads

Blistex is the gold standard in lipcare and has a fabulous range of products, some of which are more well known than others.

The aim of our magazine and online campaign is to highlight the full Blistex range. Therefore a number of different 'For' executions were developed to ensure all products receive the attention and fame that they deserve.

Blistex Packaging 

As Blistex has a wide range of products we need to ensure that the attributes of each product are properly highlighted while remaining part of the Blistex range.

The newly launched Happy Lips have a different style of packaging to the wider range, while still being clearly identifiable as being part of the Blistex family, to highlight the fun flavours.

Blistex Online

As the online environment becomes ever more important we are successfully engaging with Blistex's fans across a range of digital platforms......with news of product launches, Blistex developments and general content to entertain and inform.

Dentinox Online 

As parents find more and more of the information that they need online, it becomes ever more important for baby brands to be part of that environment.

Online provides the perfect platform to raise awareness of two of our products, Eye Wipes and Medicine Dispenser, and enables their unique attributes to be highlighted. 

Dentinox Magazine Ads 

Despite the growth of online, magazines aimed at parents remain a fabulous way to talk to our audience; especially if you can ensure attention with an impactful and engaging image!

Fenjal Point of Sale

Capturing consumers' attention in-store is just as vital as raising awareness outside. 

Fenjal's wide range and vibrant packaging already catches the eye, but the use of merchandising trays raises the brand even further above competitors on-shelf and ensures the products are properly ranged together for maximum impact.

Freederm TV Ad

Freederm is a skincare range, owned by Diomed Developments Ltd., for spot prone skin and is a fast growing brand in a highly competitive category.

As a brand aimed at older teens, traditional 'problem / solution' healthcare advertising is not suitable.

To gain stand out, and to establish a unique identity, we needed to develop a style that engages and entertains our audience.

Freederm Online

The myriad of new online channels being embraced by teens means that traditional advertising is no longer sufficient for this audience.

Engaging online, providing appropriate but entertaining content to keep interest and relevance, is a fabulous challenge in an ever changing media world.

Ibuleve TV Ad

As a leading topical analgesic, Ibuleve (owned by Diomed Developments Ltd.) knows that a large number of people suffer with aches and pains before doing anything about it. 

Ibuleve's TV ad has a fantasically strong visual style and humorous tone to stand out in a traditional category and communicate the folly of suffering in silence.

Don't be a hero, Ibuleve it!

Ibuleve TV Sponsorship

Traditional advertising remains a highly valuable method of maintaining awareness but sponsorship is another great way of communicating regularly with an audience; particularly when the brand and programme fit is as perfect as Ibuleve's sponsorship of Alan Titchmarsh's Love Your Garden.

iglu outdoor campaign

iglu gel is a mouth ulcer treatment owned by Diomed Developments Ltd. 

Its unique mode of action means that, unlike competitors' gels, it creates a shield around an ulcer to protect while the ulcer heals.

Snufflebabe TV ad

Primarily known for the famous Vapour Rub, it's important to let parents know that Snufflebabe now has a range of solutions for babies' congestion.

This charming creative uses quietness and calm to gain attention in the loud world of TV ads. It uses the strength of the brand name (and the fact that those who use it are adorable!) to highlight the benefit that using Snufflebabe can have on both baby and parent.

Snufflebabe.......and breathe!